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Swanky Swig Glasses - Blue Flowers

Swanky Swig Glasses - Blue Flowers

Swanky Swig glasses are collectible items from the Great Depression. Marketed towards housewives striving to be fashionable during a difficult time, Kraft Foods began hand painting their glass jars containing cheese spreads to be reused as juice glasses during social gatherings.  This made the purchase feel both luxurious and fiscally responsible to those that could afford small luxuries at the time. As the trend took off, Kraft began using a silkscreen printing process for the variety of patterns rather than hand painting them. Now these glasses are collected as a relic of luxury from a very different time in society.

Though sizes vary slightly from glass to glass depending on the year and manufacturing location, the average sizes are as follows:

  • Small: 3.50”
  • Medium: 3.75”
  • Large: 4.25”
  • X-Large: 4.50”

Paint colors may very from glass to glass depending on wear, age, and manufacturing.

NOT dishwasher, microwave, or hot beverage safe. Glass is old and breakable.

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