about the store

No matter your reason for shopping secondhand, be it the sustainability or affordability, you deserve to have an option for a high end shopping experience when you want one. No matter what kind of shopping experience you're looking for, you deserve to have a sustainable and affordable option. That's where my idea for a new option came in. A local boutique where they remember your name, keep things clean, and make everything look cute that also happens to be a thrift store.

Gatherings Collective was founded by owner Lauryn Schneider (me!) in August 2021 with the mission of combining the sustainability and affordability of a thrift store with the experience and service of a boutique for a unique, one-of-a-kind customer shopping experience. 

I had been collecting donations from friends and family and locally sourcing pieces I thought deserved more love for several years. One day I nailed a bedsheet to my wall as a backdrop, propped my phone up on my desk chair, and modeled a starting collection. I designed my own website and applied for business licenses. This was all in the course of 2 weeks before I officially launched.

After a year of selling online with great responses and excitement from the community, I fought hard for funding and took the leap to open a storefront. This was always my goal, because my whole business model is anchored in giving customers a boutique shopping experience with sustainable and affordable thrifted items.

I ended up choosing a cozy little spot in a historic building in the heart Downtown Fargo, a community that I am deeply passionate about. You can now shop both online and at my permanent location at 12 Broadway!

I sincerely believe secondhand items are under appreciated and 99% of the time have a lot of life left in them! When they are presented to you in a clean, well organized way it is easier to see their life and appreciate them. The bread and butter of my business is secondhand clothing, and I also offer home goods and accessories. My products are all secondhand, sourced through both local shopping and donations, except for a few collections of items made by local artists.

I personally sort through each item myself and categorize based on style, season, size, and brand to develop a curated, limited collection. Just like at a boutique! My main focus is on providing a wide range of styles and sizes to ensure I have a little bit of something for everyone.